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THE HEALER provides emotional reinforcement in a time when our energy is depleted by fear, uncertainty and seclusion.

Your mini support kit amongst the turbulence, THE HEALER providing tools of inspiration that help lift the spirits and provide soothing relief to the mind and emotions through cleansing rituals and relaxation techniques.

THE HEALER includes:

  •  High Hopes - 170 Ways To Lift Your Spirits by Patrick Lindsay is an uplifting book combining timeless quotes and simple suggestions that remind us to live in the moment and to experience the joy in everyday activities. It offers thoughts that create surprising ripple effects in our lives, allowing us to make the small changes that can transform our lives.
  • Lavender Eye Pillow - Handmade in Australia, by Wheatbags Love, this naturally scented pillow is a handy addition to any household. Filled with Organic Lavender, it provides fast relief from tension caused by sinus and headaches and is the ideal companion for sleep, yoga and meditation. 
  • Palo Santo Bundle - Burning this 'holy wood' with notes of citrus, mint and pine immediately brings peace and clarity to the moment. Native to Peru, our Palo Santo is harvested sustainably from wood that has been found to have died naturally on the forest floor. Each bundle contains: Four sticks approximately 10cm long. They also contain a complimentary Clear Quartz point and Deliberate Living Calico bag for storage. (Individual pieces may vary in appearance).
  • Gift Wrapping - The Healer is presented in style with our Australian made and 100% recycled Gift Boxes. Each kit is adorned with natural jute twine, a Deliberate Living gift tag and a touch of Australiana. (Note: Foliage may vary depending on season)

To perform a smudging ceremony: Gather your supplies; A smudge of choice, smudging dish to catch ash/hold smudge and a lighter or matches. Optional:  Select a Mantra or Intention of choice to recite. Take a moment to breathe and become present.

Light your smudge of choice and once the flame takes hold, blow or wave the flame out so that smoke swirls freely. Before you smudge a space or another person, always begin by smudging yourself.

To smudge a person: carefully wave the smudge around the body. To smudge a space: walk around the area, waving the smoke into all corners of the room. If using a Mantra or Intention, recite this throughout the cleansing ceremony. Upon completion, always ensure your smudge is completely extinguished.