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CEREMONY unites ancient tradition with positive intention, clearing negative energy from heart and home. 

Life's responsibilities can leave us feeling drained, energetically depleted and emotionally burnt out. Regular cleansing rituals press an energetic 'reset' button, providing valuable opportunities to reconnect with ourselves, clear stagnant energy and open space for new beginnings.

The CEREMONY essentials kit includes:

  • Comfort and Calm Speckled Egg Smudge Dish - This hand-crafted dish is made locally South of Brisbane and is inspired by natural surrounds. It's resonance with the earth makes it the perfect vessel to use in any grounding and cleansing ritual.
  • Earth Aromas White Sage Stick - White Sage has been used for centuries in cleansing and purification ceremonies for it's medicinal and healing properties. Grown using organic practices on Draper Farm, North-West of Brisbane, these aromatic sticks are chosen for their unique tight formation and slow consistent burn. 
  • Deluxe Palo Santo Bundle - Burning this 'holy wood' with notes of citrus, mint and pine immediately brings peace and clarity to the moment. Native to Peru, our Palo Santo is harvested sustainably from wood that has been found to have died naturally on the forest floor. Each deluxe bundle contains: four sticks approximately 10cm long, a *Clear Quartz point, a ^Black Tourmaline Crystal and a Deliberate Living calico bag for storage. 
  • Gift Wrapping - Ceremony is presented in style with our Australian made and 100% recycled Gift Boxes. Each kit is adorned with natural jute twine, a Deliberate Living gift tag and a touch of Australiana. (Note: Foliage may vary depending on season)

*Clear Quartz - The master healer and crystal powerhouse that has the ability to store, absorb, release and regulate energy. To enhance any meditation session or ritual, let intuition guide you and simply place the crystal on or around the body.

^Black Tourmaline - A protective stone that cleanses energy, relieves stress and clears negativity. Let intuition guide you to use this piece as required. Black Tourmaline clears electromagnetic smog and is perfect protection when using electronic devices. 

For information on performing a Smudging Ceremony: https://www.deliberatelivinggifts.com.au/products/palo-santo-bundle)