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SERENITY To remain calm and peaceful is an art form in a world where busy is becoming the norm and we are constantly distracted by technology and our ever growing 'to-do' lists.

Prioritising time to pause is imperative to overall well-being, providing valuable opportunities to replenish energy reserves, reconnect with ourselves and to reflect on life in the present moment.  

Sitting down with a freshly brewed tea or coffee, a great book or listening to your favourite music is the perfect way to de-stress or unwind during a busy day. Relaxation is made easy with SERENITY, a kit full of inspirational ways to find your perfect 'me-moment' everyday. 

SERENITY includes:

  • High Hopes - 170 Ways To Lift Your Spirits by Patrick Lindsay is an uplifting book combining timeless quotes and simple suggestions that remind us to live in the moment and to experience the joy in everyday activities. It offers thoughts that create surprising ripple effects in our lives, allowing us to make the small changes that can transform our lives.
  • Comfort & Calm Tumbler - Inspired by natural surrounds, this Northern Lapwing Speckled Egg Tumbler is made for slow and mindful living. Hand-crafted by Comfort & Calm as part of their Ancient Woodlands Range, this stunning piece makes any moment special.
  • Tea Blossoms Tea Bags: Aboriginal Edition - Packed with unique native flavours, these delicious tea blends are formulated for specific purpose. Good Morning to uplift before a busy day, Good afternoon for that PM pick me up and Good Night to relax before a peaceful night sleep. The ultimate tea trio!
  • Lavender Eye Pillow - Handmade in Australia, by Wheatbags Love, this naturally scented pillow is a handy addition to any household. Filled with Organic Lavender, it provides fast relief from tension caused by sinus and headaches and is the ideal companion for sleep, yoga and meditation.
  • Gift Wrapping - Serenity is presented in style with our Australian made and 100% recycled Gift Boxes. Each kit is adorned with natural jute twine, a Deliberate Living gift tag and a touch of Australiana. (Note: Foliage may vary depending on season)