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PALO SANTO  Used for centuries in healing and cleansing ceremonies, this 'Holy Wood' with notes of citrus, mint and pine immediately bringing peace and clarity to heart and home.

Native to Peru, our Palo Santo is harvested sustainably, only using wood that has been found to have fallen naturally on the forest floor. Traditional uses for Palo Santo are: 

  • Energetic cleansing.
  • Grounding and protecting.
  • Spiritual purification.
  • Clearing negative energy.
  • Calming the immune system.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Inspiring creativity.
  • Soothing the nervous system.

PALO SANTO BUNDLES contain: Four sticks approximately 10cm long. Each bundle also contains a complimentary Clear Quartz point and Deliberate Living Calico bag for storage. (Individual pieces may vary in appearance)

To perform a smudging ceremony: Gather your supplies; A smudge of choice, smudging dish to catch ash/hold smudge and a lighter or matches. Optional:  Select a Mantra or Intention of choice to recite. Take a moment to breathe and become present.

Light your smudge of choice and once the flame takes hold, blow or wave the flame out so that smoke swirls freely. Before you smudge a space or another person, always begin by smudging yourself.

To smudge a person: carefully wave the smudge around the body. To smudge a space: walk around the area, waving the smoke into all corners of the room. If using a Mantra or Intention, recite this throughout the cleansing ceremony. Upon completion, always ensure your smudge is completely extinguished.